The Villars Afterseason Electronique Festival is preparing to celebrate a decade of music and unforgettable moments in the heart of the Vaudois Alps. Since its humble beginnings in 2014, the festival has come a long way, delivering a unique and festive authentic experience to electronic music lovers.

A decade
of electronic gems

In 2024, the Afterseason will experience a decade of festive and positive atmosphere driven by the future of electronic music. Indeed, several current headliners have made their debut at the Afterseason. The keen flair of our programmer has always been able to hit the mark with our community hungry for electronic nuggets. These include Chris Liebing, Marco Faraone, Laolu, Adam Port, Peggy Gou, Folamour, Jimi Jules, Âme, and many others. All the artists, each in their own way, transformed each edition into a musical journey.

A fascinating

Looking back over these ten years reveals a fascinating journey. From the Electro Ratrak, an exhilarating descent on the snowy slopes to the sound of electro, to the fiery sets of DJs on board the TPC trains, through the legendary Sunday brunches which made the Alpine hills vibrate, each edition has helped write a memorable chapter in the history of the Afterseason.


By the numbers: 190 DJs, over 20,000 festival-goers, over 1,000 staff and volunteers. A decade of success and growth, while retaining as much as possible the family spirit conveyed by the festival.

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